Project description

"M e t a l n o " d. d. Zenica is the investor for which the company "ARCON - in" d.o.o. Zenicaimplemented a large number of construction projects over the past several years. The constructionof the pump station in Drivuša, additional construction and adaptation of the hall for AKZ withinthe yard of the investor and implementation of numerous reconstructions, repairs and adaptations ofbuildings and infrastructure around the company "M e t a l n o" d. d. Zenica should be mentioned.Also, "ARCON - in" was hired as a cooperating partner of the company "M e t a l n o" forrepair works on the production and administrative building within the Arcelor Mittal complexin Zenica, as well as numerous other repair and adaptation works that were contracted by the company "M e t a l n o" as main contractor. Whether the company "ARCON - in" was the generalcontractor or a cooperating partner, all projects were implemented professionally and in compliancewith the highest construction standards.