Project description

The design and construction of the consular building of the Embassy of the United States ofAmerica in Sarajevo in compliance with the turn-key system, which was successfully implementedby the company "ARCON - in" d.o.o. Zenica in 1997, was the first of a series of constructionprojects that were successfully implemented for the US Embassy. It implemented dozens ofconstruction projects with different esthetic, functional and value characteristics, which alsoincluded different types of services and works in civil engineering (design and construction ofnew buildings and numerous reconstructions, repairs and adaptations of existing buildings andinfrastructure). All projects were implemented successfully in compliance with the requestedstandards and needs of the investor. It is an honor that the company "ARCON - in" d.o.o. Zenicawas assessed as a highly professional and qualified contractor willing to engage in a constructiveand mutually beneficial cooperation.